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be a part of living art

The photography business is a constant whirlwind, but every now and then I can find time to do some passion projects with friends, models, and my fellow photographers.

Through personal art projects and commissioned concept shoots, we get to explore the creative corners in our minds that hold ideas just begging to be unleashed.


bring your own ideas to life

If you've always wanted to be depicted in your own work of art, I'm here to help. I've assembled teams and directed art shoots all over the US and we can scale any project to fit your budget.

Whether you're looking for original advertising imagery or you want to create something deeply personal to cherish or give as a gift, we'll breathe life into your idea.

Brainstorm with me using the contact form below.

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license existing images

Browse through my existing image catalog to see if one of my previous projects encapsulates an idea you have for an advertising campaign or art piece.

If something's caught your eye, let me know with the contact form below.

memorialize your favorite place

One of my favorite types of commissions to accept is the kind where we get to depict people doing what they love in places that mean more to them than words can describe.

Use the contact form below to describe to me your favorite place.

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“Noel is a phenomenal photographer to work with. He is extremely easy going, super professional, fun, creative and so much more.

Absolutely amazing shoot experience and incredible results. Definitely worth working with him for any and all types of projects. I highly recommend.

Thank you again for the gorgeous pictures you have taken!”
— Lindsey R.