first comes love


then comes marriage

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relax, we’ll take it from here


You'll end up with three permanent things at the end of your wedding day: your spouse, your rings, and your photos. The first two are up to you, but you can trust me and my team with the latter.

You’ll be thrilled with the talent, tools, and experience we guarantee.

With years of wedding photography experience and battle-tested composure from my years in the Marine Corps, your vision is my mission.

I know you're excited, and so am I. Tell me all about it!



build the excitement with your engagement session 

Put your individuality on full display with an engagement session!

Let's use our imaginations to fill your walls and your guests' mailboxes with stunning imagery in a fun, relaxed environment that’ll give you a sneak peek at what it’s like being taken care of by me and my team.

What makes your relationship stand out?



touch and feel the love of your images

You deserve to see your images in print each and every day.

Don't settle for preserving your priceless memories on a USB stick that will end up lost in a drawer somewhere or accidentally thrown away during Spring Cleaning.

For you, I'll design customized wedding albums, framed wall art, and great big canvases to show your guests and (one day) your grandkids when you’ve got them for the weekend.


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“From the first phone call or in-person meeting, you’ll immediately recognize what separates Noel from other photographers. He truly cares about his clients and builds genuine rapport with them. This extends well beyond final delivery of his work.

It’s important because this translates into a more relaxed and fun environment when working with him. The end result? Pictures that absolutely come to life with emotion.

Thank you, Noel, for capturing so many special memories for my wife and me: the moment I proposed to her, our engagement session, and of course our wedding.”
— Joshua B.